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Welcome to Our Company!

3G-HTS Corporation has developed new, cost-effective and commercially viable nanotechnology - Ceramic Silicone Processing (CSP) - to produce nano-structured composite high temperature superconductor (HTS) materials and advanced electric and electronic products.

This PATENTED nanotechnology enables the production of superior quality and performance “Third (Latest) Generation” (G3) HTS ceramic materials such as continuous wire, tape, coil and other bulk-shaped products, with diverse industry applications that can be manufactured with SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER electric current throughput than ordinary copper wire, at a cost/performance factor of significantly less than current state-of-the-art second generation (G2) HTS technology, and copper wire!

The existing state of electric wire technology is limited to offering only 2D materials, whereas G3 HTS technology enables offering any size, shape and/or 3D materials, significant advantages in meeting most market / customer needs and requirements.

3H-HTS has completed proof of concept sampling and will begin development of and R&D and prototype manufacturing facility in 2012.